🥹 Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable

🥹 Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Most people stay well in their safety zone. They know what they like and they stick there. 

I am used to being out of my comfort zone. When I was a freelance project manager, I was always the new girl, I had to quickly get to grips with a new project, new systems, new clients and new teams – gain their respect and trust and just get on to deliver great work- fast!

I encourage my clients to try new things, show up to new events, go to new places, be around interesting people. Who knows what you might learn and who you might meet.

It’s hard I know. But I regularly try and do things that make me want to run out of the room crying -! If I can stay in the room, it’s called growing!

I went on a weekend painting course with the artist and author Denise Harrison at the Phoenix Studios in Brighton recently.

I had all the feelings when I walked in. I was on time but everyone was already there in their places, and the class seemed to have started without me. 

I felt like I shouldn’t be there. Everyone was a ‘real artist’. What was I thinking?

I left the room for a bit and came back. Set up my stuff. Took some deep breaths. 

The teacher was super supportive and by the end of the weekend, I had made some of the best work I’ve ever made. 

I even made a few new connections with people new to Brighton and everyone gave me lovely feedback on my paintings.

I am so grateful that I put my emotions on the page and didn’t escape or hide. 

Next month, I’m going on a poetry writing workshop… what will you do?

THIS IS YOUR ONE PRECIOUS LIFE. What do you plan to do with it? 


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