100 women are invited – including you!

I am delighted to announce the next SheSays Brighton all day event on FRIDAY 20 October at Wagner Hall, Brighton. 

I’m inviting 100 women for a whole day of transformational training at a special low cost of £97. You can get your boss or business to pay for this.

Get your ticket here

This event will sell out so hurry to get your ticket and tell your friends. 

Expect to be blasted with goodness.

Themes for the day include:

  • creating abundance
  • clarity and purpose
  • creativity and leadership
  • confidence and imposter syndrome

You’ll leave feeling:

  • inspired
  • courageous
  • creative
  • focused
  • ready to take on a new challenge!

For more info and details on how to get your ticket click here

Don’t miss out. I can’t wait to see you there. 

If your company is interested in sponsoring this event please get in touch