Anti-Racism – 5 Things You Can Do Now

Here is a list of a few things my friend, DJ and musician Citizen Helene shared recently. (updated links)

1. What you can do if you’re in the UK (a list of actions and reading material:

2. What you can do to seek justice for Belly Mujinga, the rail worker who died of Covid-19 after she was assaulted by a man who claimed to have the virus, who spat and coughed in her face:
– Template for a letter to the TSSA (the union Mujinga was a member of) and a list of people to contact:
– petition:
– Fundraiser for Belly Mujinga’s family:

3. Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to support those jailed for protesting the death of George Floyd:

4. Other organisations the Minnesota Freedom Fund have encouraged donations to:
– The Black Visions Collective (Minnesota)
– Reclaim the Block (Minnesota)
– Louisville Community Bail Fund (to help those protesting the death of Breonna Taylor, an unarmed Black woman shot dead by police in her apartment in March)

5. Tatiana Mac’s antiracism guides with a list of actions and reading material:
– For white women:
– For white men:
(This is useful for non-Black POC too)