💃🏻 Such a surprise to win an award this week!

💃🏻 Such a surprise to win an award this week!

especially as I’ve been out of action for a while with a nasty chest infection (possibly pneumonia, just to be dramatic).

Sometimes the Universe says STOP. Rest. Don’t Give Up.

I was back on my feet only a few days ago, so to be awarded Winner of the Community Hero at the Platinum Media Dynamic Business Awards for my ‘tireless work’ for women in tech and women of colour was just such a wonderful bonus.

I was in a room with some of Sussex’s incredible business women from all sectors and I was just happy to be there, eating a lovely 4-course meal at the Grand Hotel in a frock instead of in my PJs feeling terrible.

I am so delighted to win this Community Hero award. Sometimes you can plug away for YEARS at the edges doing your thing.

I’m so happy to be recognised but this award really belongs to all the women in tech and the women of colour who have helped and supported me.

Your networks, your community, your reputation, and your purpose are all you have and I’m just so grateful.

Thank you so much to Legal & General and all the organisers and judges of the Dynamic Business Awards, Platinum Media Group.

I’m much much better now and happy to help you soon.

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