BAME groups in Brighton

UPDATED! Where are all the BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) people in Brighton? Check out this list of just some of the groups available to our growing community. Also I understand that BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Colour) is a better term to use now. See the book: ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla L Saad. Contact me if you want to include a community group.

Women of Colour Brighton Group:
An informal group for anyone who identifies as a woman of colour, including trans and non binary people of colour for whom this is a large part of their identity. Created by Leila Zadeh, Rifa Thorpe-Tracey, Amy Hall and Joyoti Bondi in 2018, we now have over 900 Brighton based professional women in this group. We meet last Thursday of the month via Zoom or in person if possible.

Afrori – Books of Black origin
Started by Carolynn Bain during lockdown, discover the huge array of books by Black authors at 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ. Family activities, anti-racist groups, author in person events and much more. Part of Brighton Book Festival. 

BARCO: Brighton and Hove Black Anti-Racism Community Organisation BARCO is formed to serve the needs of people who identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, belonging to the Black African diaspora, or of Black mixed race heritage in Brighton and Hove. Our aim is to improve the experiences of Black people living, working and visiting Brighton and Hove. BARCO is here to engage with and help individuals, businesses and the wider community to tackle racism in our city. Through engagement we believe we can create a collective approach to anti-Black racism.

BAME Arts & Culture network Brighton & Hove:
A new network for professionals from Black, Asian, minority ethnic or mixed-heritage backgrounds working in the arts, culture and heritage sectors in and around Brighton and Hove.

Radical Rhizomes:
Radical Rhizomes is a social network created by and exclusively for QTIPoC – people of colour who define as queer, trans or intersex – living, working or studying in Brighton & Hove.

QTIPoC Narratives:
Brighton based QTIBPoC collective, creating workshops, art, zines and alternative mental health space.

Black Brighton & Black Brighton Book Club: A space to promote, black business, creatives and liberation within the city. For Us and By Us.

I, Too Am Sussex:
I too am Sussex is dedicated to creating a deeper understanding of the inequalities of race and how they intersect with gender, class, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identities etc.

Black Lives Matter Brighton:
Black-led movement in Brighton who believe deeply that Black Lives Matter. The struggle is global, and so must be the solution. Organising peaceful protests in Brighton.

Take The Space:
Take the Space is a creative agency set up by Jenny Williams in 2006 with the aim of enabling artists from Black and British multi ethnic backgrounds to Take their Space – and tell their stories. At its core, TTS is committed to telling stories that are generally not seen and not heard – and finding spaces that connect people with each other.

Writing Our Legacy:
Writing Our Legacy is an unincorporated association set up in 2012 whose aim is to raise awareness of the contributions of Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) writers, poets, playwrights and authors born, living or connected to Sussex.

Banyan Tree Theatre Group:
We promote the Black and Minority Ethnic experience to all children and families through Storytelling, Music, Dance, Puppetry and Theatre.

SEAS (Socially Engaged Art Salon) is a BIPOC & LGBTQ led organisation which operates a space for exhibitions, events and workshops. It also offers artists’ residencies. SEAS’ work concentrates on socially and politically engaged practices and themes, especially in relation to issues of social and racial justice, migration & refugees, disability and LGBTQ+ communities. Founded in 2016, SEAS has become a beacon for socially and politically engaged art in Brighton and south-East England. It is part of the Social Art Network and has links to local and national art organisations.

BMECP Centre Brighton:
Our vision is to create a sustainable resource centre which champions the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community in Brighton and Hove and support BME communities and their families.

BMEYPP Black and Minority Ethnic Young People’s Project:
We are a youth led organisation. We aim to provide support and empowerment for Black, Asian, Arab and Mixed Heritage young people aged 11 to 25 in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas.

Brighton and Hove Educators of Colour Collective

Anti-racist educators working together to support all teachers, children and parents of colour in our community to understand, challenge and destroy racism.

MOSAIC Black and Mixed-Parentage Family group is an organisation set up to combat the effects of racism on Black and Mixed Parentage families and individuals. In 2010 it celebrates 20 years of existence and of hard work in Brighton and Hove and surrounding areas.

A Seat At The Table:
A group built by black and brown women who advocate, lobby and provide support, advice and aim to improve knowledge and acceptance of SEN (Special Education Needs), help embrace racial identity and are passionate about equality and inclusion. We feel strongly about building trusting relationships in the local community and beyond.

Brighton and Hove BME Heritage Network:
This Facebook group is associated with a network of community-based researchers, artists and activists with a shared interest in BME heritage, arts and culture, formed in 2014, who meet regularly at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery for coffee mornings, talks and training events. The network aims to support the sharing of resources and skills in order to promote BME heritage and is open to all who share its goals.

BAME Society Sussex University:
We are the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Society (BAME) and we stand for you.

Brighton African and Caribbean Group:
This is a group for people of African or Caribbean heritage or people who want to know more about African and Caribbean culture. This is great place to meet people from all across Africa and the Caribbean who are living in Brighton.

Brighton and Hove Black History Project:
Brighton & Hove Black History Month is a programme of arts and heritage activities put together by members of the local community which aims to raise the profile of Black and Black and Ethnic Minority experience, heritage and culture in particular (but not exclusively) African-Caribbean arts, culture and history.

BME Workers’ Forum:
Brighton & Hove City Council’s BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) Workers’ Forum is an organisation that represents BME council employees in the local authority. Our aim is to ensure that BME staff have access to equal opportunities and receive fair treatment. The forum holds yearly elections to elect a steering group, and posts are open to all members. The steering group advocates on behalf of the forum, and will often solicit members’ views before proceeding with decisions.

The Chinese Educational Development Project (CEDP):
The Chinese Educational Development Project (CEDP) addresses the disadvantages faced by individuals of Chinese origin in accessing existing educational, training and employment opportunities or participating in community activities, due to barriers posed by cultural differences and/or active discrimination.

Sussex Indian Punjabi Society (SIPS):
The Sussex Indian Punjabi Society was formed in May 1997 in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas by members of the local Indian Punjabi community. The group was formed to help connect the community and to ensure younger members were exposed to our culture and cuisine. On our website we will keep you informed about our society’s and the other local Indian community’s activities and functions.

Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum:
Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum is a non profit organisation hoping to serve the religious, social, and cultural needs of the Brighton & Hove Muslim Community. Our primary aim is to provide support and weekend activities for Muslim children and to work and assist with projects for Muslim women.

LGBTQ+ Mauritian Society:
Mia Bungaroo created a Facebook group to raise awareness for LGBT Mauritians and the discrimination many have to face due to their sexuality and gender across Africa. This online global community is where we can share common ideas and information (but also recipes, experiences, stories/anything you love about Mauritian culture!) Her main aim is to represent Mauritius at the Brighton Pride Parade and have you all be a part of this fabulous event! ENSAM NOU PLI FORT??

The Oshun Collective for Woman of Colour in Wellness and Wellbeing:

For all Woman of Colour in Wellness and Wellbeing (Coaches, therapists, Masseurs, Spritual healers, Nutrionists, Psychologists, Yogi’s, Hypnotherapists etc)

Ethnic Minority Well-being:
Community Development Worker – BAME Wellbeing at The Trust for Developing Communities

Brighton & Hove Racial Harassment Forum:
The Racial Harassment Forum (RHF) is a multi-sector partnership of voluntary organisations, community groups, and statutory sector, working to tackle and reduce racist and religiously motivated incidents and harassment in Brighton and Hove. The forum meets quarterly and is led by an elected Community Chair. RHF fulfils the multi-agency scrutiny function recommended by the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and as such is a part of the Safe In The City Partnership. The RHF develops good practice, shares information, and monitors progress and achievements.