Celebrate your creativity

When I was 13, I spent the summer with a feminist magazine collective based in South London Women’s Centre in Brixton. It was run by a group of queer feminist women, mainly in their twenties, and I was by far the youngest person involved. The magazine was called Shocking Pink. I learned how to cut and paste, make magazines, write articles, and I connected with other young feminists all over the UK who sent us handwritten letters about their despair and frustration with the patriarchy, in the 1980’s. Teen mags like Jackie and Just 17 weren’t for girls like us, Shocking Pink was a lifeline to many.

It was such a formative time for me, the first time I’d been treated as an adult, my ideas and opinions listened to – I loved hanging out with 20-something women artists and writers. We travelled all over the country, to Sheffield and Cornwall, selling our beloved magazines along the way. I can’t believe my parents didn’t stop me. They didn’t have a clue what I was up to.

Fast forward to now, and if you visit the awe-inspiring ‘Women in Revolt’, a major exhibition at the Tate Britain in Pimlico, London, you’ll see some of the magazines I worked on, in a glass cabinet as part of the exhibition. As a Tate super fan, I am overwhelmed that the activist work we did, so many years ago, has been acknowledged and elevated to the status of art relics in such a prestigious organisation. Women in Revolt is at Tate Britain until April 2024. Go and be inspired by all the women’s art and feminist memorabilia. 

I’ve been painting on and off for many years but without much formal training. I find painting emotionally hard work, but I can’t expect my coaching clients to get out of their comfort zone, without doing it too! Thank you to everyone who came along to see my paintings at the exhibition last week at Brighton Fishing Museum Gallery on the seafront. I’m part of a collective of local artists; we meet each week with guidance and support from established artist and teacher Denise Harrison – author of ‘If you’re bored of acrylics, read this’. Considering that I had a full-on meltdown in 2003 when asked to add a painting to an Open House, I think I’ve made progress and even enjoyed (kind of) having people critique my art at my first Private View. Always be learning.



I’ll be joining the formidable creativity coach Morya Scott for her extraordinary ‘Wild Painting Weekend’ on April 6 & 7 in Hove. There are only 6 places left for this life-changing weekend workshop, so do not wait around to book your place here for a special ‘I know Rifa’ price of £444 for the whole weekend, plus lunch.

More details here 

Need a taster? Moyra is also offering a 2-hour ‘Wild Art Journaling’ workshop on 17th March 2 pm to 4 pm, in Hove for just £45. Buy now. Wild Art Journaling is a sketchbook practice involving journaling, collage and painting, to (re)connect you to your creative magic. It works for both novice and experienced artists as a way to get started, find inspiration, explore or get unstuck. (as does Wild Painting but it is smaller and on paper!)

If you’d like to explore your own creativity, work on your passion project or simply want a chat book a clarity call with me soon.