Refigure coaching

What happens in a coaching session with Rifa


We'll arrange to meet in a central Brighton location or via Zoom. No need to bring anything, except your open mind. When you first arrive, we’ll unpack what’s going on for you right now. Everything we talk about is completely confidential and any notes that I make, will be given to you at the end. I will help you work out an action plan, uncover any issues that are holding you back in your success and help you find more joy in your life. 


I use reflective talking methods, coaching tools and guided meditation techniques to help uncover the personal and professional challenges you might be facing in your career, business and life in general. I can give you practical help and contacts too, if that’s what you need. I am more than a life coach. 


Use me as a sounding board for your ideas. I'm a coach that works with senior, mid-level and board level women, creative teams, artists, strategists, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs and business owners.  I am a diversity champion and coach with this lense of your world.


Invest in yourself. When you leave, you will feel inspired, calmer, positive, powerful, confident and capable. You’ll have real solutions you can put in practice right away. 

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1 hour Heart session

A regular monthly coaching session to keep you on track. I can give you the mentoring and cheerleading you need for your work or business.

£199 per session

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3 hour Blast session

Less time, too much procrastinating?  Invest in a 3 hour coaching session and we'll blast through your blocks, create space for new ideas and inspiration. We'll make a plan to take your life to the next level of satisfaction, happiness and success.

£595 per session 

A half day session will set you on track and we can follow up with a one hour session.

“You don’t have to change, you just have to be you”


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