SheSays Brighton

We had an awesome SheSays evening of talks and networking with four fantastic speakers. I've been running these events since 2011 and I'm delighted to invite our speakers to celebrate International Womens Day 2020. Come and hear about their successes and challenges as part of Spring Forward Festival 2020.

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Creating Abundance:

4 week course

starts Wednesday 6 January 2021- 6.30pm 

🤑 What can we do with more resources? More power? More seats at the table? 💃🏽We can change the world, we can rise up, be fulfilled and help others. 🖤 Join in, sign up and move forward. ♥️ 

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Spring Forward festival


Spring Forward is a month-long celebration of the role of women in digital culture and runs throughout March in parallel with Women’s History Month. Our mission is to encourage women to take a greater role in digital by creating a platform that promotes digital community events organised by women for women.

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