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I run inspiring events, designed to help you reach your full potential, find your community and connect with like-minded folk.

4-week course:

Creating Abundance

1st May 2024

Live via Zoom

Even in the hardest times, we can consciously create the life we want. We can plan, dream and stay buoyant about abundance.

In this 4-week course we’ll explore ways to overcome your blocks around money and create more abundance so you can start living your dream life now.

SheSays Brighton

International Women’s Day

7th March 2024 – 6.30pm

Platf9rm, Hove Town Hall

In-person event, Brighton

We’re excited to hear from Dr. Sophie Frost, a feminist researcher focusing on the relationship between digital technology, skills, leadership, and labour in the arts and cultural industries.

More speakers to be announced.

Coaching Workshop for Clarity & Purpose

31st January 2024


❤️ Fall in love with your business
❤️ Feel more confident on what to do next
❤️ Attract higher-paying clients and projects
❤️ Rekindle your creative spark
❤️ Connect with supportive, like-minded women

Creating Abundance

3 Day Challenge! 6th, 7th & 8th Dec – online



🌺 Discover the Power of Abundance 🌺
👉 Do you feel stuck in a money rut?
👉 Want to make more while doing what you love?
👉 Crave a network of like-minded, supportive women?
Look no further! This 3-day course is designed just for you.

  • "Rifa took us all through a number of amazing meditations and exercises that enabled us to positively reflect. It was such a wonderful experience – calm, relaxing, and positive. My team really appreciated the opportunity to work in this unique way. Rifa is brilliant, a highly experienced, effective, and inspirational facilitator."

    Prof. Sarah Atkinson
    Prof. Sarah Atkinson Kings College London / Head of Culture & Media
  • "Rifa is one of those people that you can rely on - when you ask her to take the lead on the project, you know it will get done, and to a very high standard. She has a huge amount of experience, and a network to match, which means she often recognises and solves problems before you've even become aware of them."

    Matt Locke
    Matt Locke Storythings / Director
  • "Finding a mentor in Rifa gave me the guidance I needed to pursue my goals for my production company. Rifa's techniques broke through the noise so I could give myself permission to thrive as an artist and create spaces for others to pursue their dreams too."

    Tarik Elmoutawakil
    Tarik Elmoutawakil Marlborough Productions / Artistic Director
  • "Rifa worked with me to support the development and career enhancement for a group of female creative producers, providing guided meditations to trigger aspirational thinking and self-reflection. I have also had the honour to work with Rifa in the recent delivery of the Talent2018 event in Brighton, she was an outstanding leader of this activity and put together a festival of activity to support the development of talent that was inclusive, inspiring and engaging.”

    Prof. Helen Kennedy
    Prof. Helen Kennedy University of Brighton / Head of School Media
  • "What makes Rifa so remarkable is that she has the skill and the will to follow through and create change with this work. I've taken part in Rifa's workshops and guided meditations several times. She's inclusive, practical, and effective - an approachable, clever facilitator and I'd recommend working with her if you can."

    Antony Mayfield
    Antony Mayfield Brilliant Noise / CEO
  • "Rifa is a real leading champion in diversity and inclusion. She has opened up so many opportunities for me, I wouldn't be where I am today without her connections and mentoring. Her workshops are a source of my inspiration."

    Mariam Crichton
    Mariam Crichton 4 Earth Intelligence / Managing Director
  • "I’ve attended a few Refigure events, where Rifa does meditation sessions that are very focused on individuals and their goals. These are not only great techniques to rebalance your personal and work life, but I found this really helped me being more focused in my life goals and with my general balance and happiness."

    Bea Maggipinto
    Bea Maggipinto Wavvves / Art Director
  • "Rifa continues to be an inspiring mentor for The Marlborough Theatre, she has spent the time getting under the skin of what we do and ask us those necessary hard questions that has made us reflect and refocus as an organisation (always for the better). She is passionate, thoughtful and super smart and we value her thoughts and opinions highly."

    David Sheppeard
    David Sheppeard Marlborough Productions / Director
  • "Rifa spoke about the ideas behind meditation and mindfulness, and the benefits of bringing these principles to work with us. The short meditation she led was well-judged in style, content and length. The session got great feedback from the team."

    Jo Crease
    Jo Crease Impetus / CEO
  • "Thank you for all your help with moving Brighton Digital Festival forward. Your work gave us a structure, a space, and a vibe in which to think and debate, and some key examples and insights for us to consider. We would not have  arrived at a destination at all without you."

    Phil Jones
    Phil Jones Wired Sussex / CEO
  • "Thank you so much for an incredible session on Wednesday evening. It could not have come at a better time for me! You’re a magician!"

    Alli Beddoes
    Alli Beddoes Lighthouse / Artistic Director
  • "I found Rifa to be a warm, engaging and insightful panelist when I hosted an event on Brighton's technology scene."

    James Hurley
    James Hurley The Times / Business Enterprise Editor
  • "Rifa as a dynamic disruptor is the gold standard when it comes to leading the charge for women and expansion of the start-up ecosystem. These achievements signpost that much more of such innovation support work can bring growing diversity and fresh approaches to the start-up scene." 

    Prof. Gillian Youngs
    Prof. Gillian Youngs Innovation Academic
  • "Rifa is such a calm, steady hand to help you through whatever challenge you might be facing. She does this in a practical, valuable way. The way Rifa works isn’t ‘airy-fairy’ or lightweight. It’s about gaining results that will seriously benefit you and your business needs. I can’t recommend her and her approach highly enough."

    Emily Scoggins
    Emily Scoggins Festival Republic / Head of Marketing
  • "Rifa makes things happen. Her reserves of drive, energy, and support are limitless and she's consistently able to make you consider a perspective you hadn't previously. It's impossible to collaborate with Rifa and not leave feeling that the world is full of more possibilities than you'd thought. She knows how to empower, encourage and enable."

    Caroline Walmsley
    Caroline Walmsley Hallo Sailor! / Founder
  • "Coming to Rifa's workshop three months ago really unblocked something for me and I’m now in the process of exploding my life quite beyond recognition. I certainly didn’t expect that I’d be returning to my childhood dream to study acting but that is exactly what is happening."

    Tia Dunn
    Tia Dunn Actor and Performer
  • "Rifa is an excellent facilitator, supportive and challenging as a coach and insightful. Our clients respect her opinion and trust her judgment. Her insight and experience in tackling systemic inequalities are helpful for our clients who feel braver about doing the work with Rifa's help. I appreciate becoming more aware of my own unconscious bias and cultural conditioning through our work together. Rifa is a powerful force for positive change."

    Steve Stark
    Steve Stark Then Somehow, Director
  • "Rifa’s course was fantastic and especially helpful following all the challenges 2020 has delivered. I came away with a reset attitude toward money and my finances and I gained a better understanding of what I want to achieve in both my personal and professional life. The tools and techniques Rifa provided, are helping motivate me beyond the end of the course and will stay with me for life."

    Grace Baird
    Grace Baird Story Futures / Producer
  • "By doing the session together as a team and sharing our experiences, it helped to bond the company through a shared experience and collegial vibe. I would highly recommend Rifa's Refigure services to any digital business looking to build a positive culture for their teams."

    Natalie Burns
    Natalie Burns UnitedUs / Partner
  • "I gained so many useful tips and tools that I’m integrated into my daily life to help with changing my mindset around money & abundance – the doubling your day rate exercise was one of the most powerful... a blend of meditation, coaching, aha moments from the group and a safe space to share. I love the way Rifa shows up – she’s open, powerful, vulnerable, down to earth, which encouraged the rest of us to really show up too. I’ve met some amazing other women business owners. and this has set me on a new path around my value, what I charge and how I think about my business."

    Louise Winters
    Louise Winters Coach and marketing consultant
  • "Rifa is a brilliant coach, trainer, facilitator, community builder – and so much more. She's a tireless advocate for marginalised communities, a champion of inclusion, and has a huge passion (and rare gift!) for bringing people together to find the connections, support, and inspiration they need to make things happen. Working alongside Rifa at Wired Sussex was a joy – she's an excellent listener, a brilliant communicator, and always generous with her guidance, expertise, and insight. I hope we'll work together again in the future."

    Alice Reeves
    Alice Reeves The Joyful, Director
  • "I have worked with Rifa on a number of projects over the years and have always found her to be reliable, forward-thinking, and fun to work with! She has an ability to make people feel comfortable and after attending her Recharge, Refresh programme I found myself feeling much more confident in my decisions and able to have conversations that I was putting off in the workplace :-)"

    Victoria King
    Victoria King Marketing Manager, Plus Accounting
  • "I would highly recommend connecting with Rifa. She is a passionate life coach who focuses on empowering women and people of color. Her insightful content and guidance provide valuable insights and support for personal growth and development. Rifa is dedicated to building networks and fostering connections within her community. She is purpose-driven and actively works towards creating positive change in the world. Connecting with Rifa could provide you with a valuable mentorship and networking opportunity, while also aligning with your desire to make a meaningful impact." 

    Bashàïr Ahmed, PhD
    Bashàïr Ahmed, PhD Shabaka / CEO

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