Create your Vision board

Create your Vision for 2020 – vision board workshop – a Refigure event

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton 

Saturday 1 February 2020 from 11am to 3pm

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What’s your vision for the next year? What impact do you want to have on your life, your community, the world!?

What change do you want to see? What goals do you have and how can you make them happen?

Join a friendly and supportive group of like minded women, all looking for meaningful work, life and creativity.

We’ll be sharing our dreams and our aspirations and creating some magic along the way!

Share in the joy of creating a vision board to take away – if you miss your creative self, come and play!

Expect some meditation, making your vison board with scissors and glue. Get creative!

A delicious lunch is included in the price. Bring water if you remember.

I will provide plenty of magazines, felt tips, paper and scissors and glue. Free biscuits.

Book now as places are limited. An ideal Christmas present for you or a friend.

7 Good Reasons to come to this workshop:

  1. You’ll have a safe Dream Space to think about what YOU really want
  2. You’ll have more energy, feel more alive and feel more positive about the future
  3. You’ll be supported. Rifa’s workshops bring out your creative gifts. The results will be completely unique to you
  4. You’ll make connections. The bonding and trust that develops between the group is magical and uplifting
  5. You’ll feel lighter. With a creative map for the coming year, you’ll know you’re on the right track
  6. It will save you time. Coming to a workshop accelerates your own personal growth.
  7. You feel like you’re running out of time to live the live you truly want. You want to look within and work on your personal vision for the future


Are you at a crossroads? Struggling to work out the next steps? This workshop can help you refigure it out and help take you to the next level of satisfaction, clarity and happiness. After one of my workshops, one woman quit her job and set up her new freelancing business. Others have found more focus and regained confidence.

Get in Touch with your Purpose

Rachel Finch of Brighton Digital Women said:“Rifa is one of the most caring and intuitive people I have ever worked with. Her wellness workshops and coaching have helped direct my path and inform my purpose. I would highly recommend her sessions and workshops to anyone looking to get back in touch with themselves and others on a meaningful level.”

Don’t miss out!

Gain Practical Tools

I have a thriving coaching and mentoring business, helping women in tech, design and creative industries with their careers. If you’re getting confused about your direction or are wondering if you’re doing the right thing, I can help you with practical tools and tips to take away that really work. I’ll also take you through some guided meditations so you’ll leave refreshed and lighter. Plus you’ll meet some awesome, professional women*, just like you!

*trans and non-binary people welcome. Men too.


Book now as places are limited. Antony Mayfield of Brilliant Noise said: “Rifa has a vision for how mindfulness and self-compassion are vital to both our personal well-being and the performance of teams and organisations. But visions are the easy part. What makes Rifa so remarkable is that she has the skill and the will to follow through and create change with this work. I’ve taken part in Rifa’s workshops and guided meditations several times. She’s inclusive, practical and effective – an approachable, clever facilitator and I’d recommend working with her if you can.”


I’m Rifa, I’ve been mentoring and managing designers, programmers and creative people for over 20 years. I am an advanced meditation teacher, regularly visiting my teachers in India. I run SheSays Brighton and Spring Forward Festival – events for women in tech and my events are always motivating and uplifting.

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“I can’t thank you enough for last night – I can’t believe how energised and positive I felt after what had been such a negative and depleting day yesterday.”

— Katie Warrener, University of Brighton

“Really enjoyed last night – completing some of the exercises, I can see where I have progressed from last time, which is refreshing and exciting to see where and when I will go next!”

— Vicky King, Plus Accounting

“It really was a fantastic session and you managed to find a way to make it feel very personal even in that group setting.  I left with such a positive lift emotionally and that has stayed with me.”

— Helen Hurst, Kineo

“I really do have more clarity and purpose after the workshop and am setting more intents in my micro actions. On a subtle level I think the workshop catalyses healing in me. Thank you Rifa, we need these workshops”

— Mariam Crichton, Wired Sussex director.

Book now for this Saturday half day event, let’s spend some quality time together and I’ll share with you my secrets. If you’d prefer to have a one-to-one private session with me, get in touch: [email protected] or 07968982136  – for more info about me: RIFA.CO.UK

I can’t wait to see you!

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Rifa x