How to be more efficient in your business

I love automation! Email autoresponders automate relationship building. Shopping carts and membership sites automate your sales and social media tools automate your content delivery. Calendar apps are my favourite, automating your schedule, putting an end to the frustrating back and forth of setting appointments.

Not only does automation save you time, but it helps ensure quality and consistency as well. Automation tools exist to keep everything running smoothly and as expected.  Can you automate everything? No. But you can implement this same level of efficiency and consistency by creating systems and workflows.

Document Everything

When you’re ready to start handing admin tasks to an assistant, it would help if everything was documented in one place. You can’t keep everything in your head, so why not start now with clear instructions for completing a task, with the view to be able to handover when you need to. Rather than risk struggling with logins and procedures, make it a point to document every task in your business, from how you manage your email to how a new product is launched.

Seek Out More Efficient Systems

Where can you make your business more efficient, while still keeping the personality and brand your clients love and trust?


  • A hosted help desk solution with pre-written answers to the most common questions. Cut and paste and answer in seconds instead of typing out a 3-paragraph response.
  • Document templates ensure everything is formatted in a way that matches your brand, and will save you hours on every worksheet, resource guide, and even sales pages and blog posts.
  • Duplicate your repeatable projects inside your project management system, change the dates and key details, and instead of spending 30 minutes assigning tasks to your team, you’ll spend 30 seconds.
  • It might also be time to upgrade your tools, if what you’re using is no longer as efficient as it could be. For example, if your autoresponder can’t move customers from one email funnel to another based on their behaviour, you’re missing out on
  • Take a look at your business and the tasks you and your team perform every day.  Where can you be more efficient? What tools would help you maximize your time?  Making changes in these areas will add hours to your day, and greatly reduce your overwhelm and stress levels as well.

If you want some help working out what systems you need to put in place now, talk to me, book a call.