Last week I won a Diversity & Inclusion Award – Runner Up

​Last week I took part in a Google initiative called #Iamremarkable – I was totally validated!  The workshop is about making yourself more seen. Women don’t shout about their achievements enough.

“It’s not bragging if it’s true”- Muhammad Ali

I am still reeling from getting the Diversity & Inclusion Award – runner up at Global Small Business Awards, by Women’s Business Club so a massive thank you to everyone who nominated me and for all your kind words.

Now that we are all free to brag more, here’s some of the best comments from my nominations: 

“As a woman of colour, diversity has been baked into Rifa’s events, way, way before it became recognised as an issue more widely.”

“Rifa genuinely wants to see women from all walks of life thrive in the world. She is an inspiration.”

“Rifa does so much for the local community and has been a ceaseless voice for diversity and inclusion over the years. She would be fully deserving of more recognition.”

“This phenomenal woman has tirelessly championed the underrepresented for over a decade, literally changing people’s lives and boosting their confidence in such a positive and authentic way. She really does deserve more recognition.”

“Rifa is an incredible woman who works hard for her community and is behind many great initiatives. I have attended many of her Women In Tech seminars and am always amazed by her ability to reach out to many different marginalised communities and outreach programs. She deserves to win this award because of her amazing work ethic and the way that she constantly looks to encourage young women from marginalised communities to enter a space that they are not always invited to.”

“Rifa is a wonderfully empathetic person who really understands the purpose and vision for true diversity and inclusion.” 

“Rifa truly is a champion of creating diverse and inclusive spaces. Not only through her consulting work but also coaching to support discussion, understanding and learning. She is a connector of people in every sense of the word!”

“Rifa is an inspiration. Her constant effort and relentless enthusiasm and energy in bringing together women and women of colour into safe, empathetic, caring, funny, interesting spaces is critical to all of these women’s creative, personal, political and social lives.”

“Rifa works tirelessly to support women and women of colour in the digital and tech industry, and has done consistently for many years, she really deserves this award.”

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