Thank you to my happy clients for these kind words...
Brighton Digital Women

Rachel Finch 

"Rifa is one of the most caring and intuitive people I have ever worked with. Her wellness workshops and coaching have helped direct my path and inform my purpose. I would highly recommend her sessions and workshops to anyone looking to get back in touch with themselves and others on a meaningful level."


Matt Locke

"Rifa is one of those people that you can rely on - when you ask her to take the lead on the project, you know it will get done, and to a very high standard. She has a huge amount of experience, and a network to match, which means she often recognises and solves problems before you've even become aware of them. She also quickly became a valued member of the team, with an acute sense of the dynamics of a team structure - her experience as a coach and mentor was a hugely valuable bonus when she worked for us."

Creative Director,
BB Studio

Bushra Burge

"Rifa is authentic and exceptionally effective in her quest in bringing the best out of others particularly women and people of colour pushing ahead in business.She has pretty much faced everything already and dealt with it within the creative industry. Despite her seniority, she is very warm, open and approachable. She also cuts to the chase. It made total sense for me to employ Rifa as a personal and business coach. In a very short space of time, she has supported me effectively and given me practical advice to refine my own strategies which has already led to tangible outcomes." 

Artistic Director, Marlborough Productions

Tarik Elmoutawakil

"Finding a mentor in Rifa gave me the guidance I needed to pursue my goals for my production company. Rifa's techniques broke through the noise so I could give myself permission to thrive as an artist and create spaces for others to pursue their dreams too."

Head of School Media, University of Brighton 

Helen Kennedy

"Rifa has worked with me to support the development and career enhancement for a group of female creative producers, providing guided meditations to trigger aspirational thinking and self-reflection.  Rifa has also provided facilitation to support a cohort of academics in community building and values sharing - she has done this through the use of reflexive exercises and guided meditations. I have also had the honour to work with Rifa in the recent delivery of the Talent2018 event in Brighton, she was an outstanding leader of this activity and put together a festival of activity to support the development of talent that was inclusive, inspiring and engaging.”

Brilliant Noise

Antony Mayfield 

"Rifa has a vision for how mindfulness and self-compassion are vital to both our personal well-being and the performance of teams and organisations. But visions are the easy part. What makes Rifa so remarkable is that she has the skill and the will to follow through and create change with this work. I've taken part in Rifa's workshops and guided meditations several times. She's inclusive, practical and effective - an approachable, clever facilitator and I'd recommend working with her if you can."


Innovation Consultant,

Digby Killick 

"My session with Rifa was incredibly useful and for me it was the perfect mix of objective, thoughtful discussion and practical outcomes (which is something I really value). Following her advice, I started journalling and it immediately started to help me work through things. The semi-structured approach we came up with helps me articulate my thoughts, feelings and what I need to do better and it’s helping me sleep too!"

Head of Digital Commericial Performance,  Legal & General 

Kerrie Webb

"I have attended events organised by Rifa, heard Rifa as a speaker for work events and also had a 3 hour blast session with Rifa. Whether it's talking to 100 people or one on one Rifa is calm, thought provoking and all around amazing. I have recommended her sessions to others. I always walk away from time spent with Rifa feeling like I can take on anything!"


 Board Director, Wired Sussex

Mariam Crichton

"Rifa is a real leading champion in diversity and inclusion. She has opened up so many opportunities for me, I wouldn't be where I am today without her connections and mentoring. Her workshops are a source of my inspiration"



Art Director, 

Bea Maggipinto

"I’ve attended a few Refigure events, where she does meditation sessions that are very focused on individuals and their goals. These are not only great techniques to rebalance your personal and work life, but I found this really helped me being more focused in my life goals and with my general balance and happiness."

 Director, Marlborough Theatre 

David Sheppeard

"Rifa continues to be an inspiring mentor for The Marlborough Theatre, she has spent the time getting under the skin of what we do and ask us those necessary hard questions that has made us reflect and refocus as an organisation (always for the better). She is passionate, thoughtful and super smart and we value her thoughts and opinions highly."

Creative Director & Artist,
Studio Mishfit

Mish Maudsley

"After a Blast Session with Rifa, I maxed my income that month and outsourced more work. I also decided to get a cleaner to free up more time for creative output! I've come away with clear actionable steps, and a strong vision for the year, it all feels very positive. I loved the coaching session and I can feel it’s practical magic working every day." 

Commercial Director

Hilary Anderson 

"Rifa and I came together at a cross roads in my career, as I jumped off the cliff to rediscover what I really wanted to be doing. Rifa helped me to quickly get to the heart of where I've come from, what makes me fantastic and where I want to be going. Creating a layer of comfort and support with bags of optimism and heaps of positive energy. I came away from that 1 half day session feeling empowered and on my way."

Innovation Expert

Gillian Youngs

"Rifa is a dynamic disruptor, the gold standard when it comes to leading the charge for women and the expansion of the start-up eco-system. Her achievements signpost that much more of such innovation support work can bring growing diversity and fresh approaches to the start-up scene."


Technical Lead

Arti Pattni

"During the session, I gained insights into how my past was affecting my present. After putting the strategies I learned, I got promoted, my team treat me as a leader and professional equal. I've even started martial arts classes and mentoring others"