Thank you for IWD

Thank you to everyone who came along to the SheSays Brighton event last week, hosted by me! We had 200 women sign up to see our awesome speakers, sharing their journeys in tech, digital and creative worlds. 

It’s so important for us to gather in person, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Thank you to our lovely helpers on the day, Platf9rm for hosting us as part of KickAss Women, and to DabApps for their kind support.

Here’s a reminder of our excellent speakers:

Dr Sophie Frost is a feminist researcher focusing on the relationship between digital technology, skills, leadership, and labour in the arts and cultural industries. She is a Lecturer in Creative Leadership at the University of the Creative Arts, an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute for Digital Culture at the University of Leicester, and an Associate for Culture24. Sophie has created three podcasts exploring the role of technology and innovation across the cultural sector including Voices of the Royal Pavilion & Museums.

A SheSays Brighton event in 2012 inspired Cat Baker-Bassett to shift her career direction toward tech. Over the past decade, she’s been honing her management skills in the STEM arena and building teams she loves to work with. As the Managing Director of DabApps, an established Brighton-based software agency, Cat is passionate that diverse teams and equity in the workplace are critical to success. While overseeing the business’s smooth running, Cat works to ensure that the company remains true to those elements in practice and ethos. Cat is also on the advisory board for TechNative, a hub for developing new talent, with a focus on closing the skills gap and removing barriers to those currently under-represented in the industry.

Adriana Lord is a singer, songwriter, and actress with a background in medicine, contemporary dance, events production, Playback, and Spontaneous Theatre. Adriana has performed on radio and TV, including BBC1 and BBC 4, as well as theatres, festivals, and venues across the UK, France, Brazil, and Cuba. She is also the lead singer in Son Guarachando, a Brighton-based Latin band. She has been involved in cultural projects in the battle against AIDS, homophobia and transphobia, racism, and other sorts of discrimination.

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