The Most Wonderful Time of The Year – or is it?

🎄The most wonderful time of the year… or is it?

Things seem to be so busy now – am I right? Are you the one who does all the organising for the festive season? Do you think you have to do it all? Will everything fall apart if you’re not sorting it all out?

🎄 Learn the art of saying no….

If you’re doing too many things, and not making time for yourself, you will start to feel: resentful, overwhelmed, unhappy, useless and maybe worse.

Ways to say no:

⭐ “I’d love to get involved, it sounds like a great project, but I don’t have the capacity right now.”

⭐ “Thank you so much for asking me, I’m not available but I can recommend someone who might be able to help. ”

⭐ “This week is pretty hectic, are we able to postpone?”

🎄Practice delegating

Christmas is a stressful time for many people, try delegating to others who want to help. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Think about where your desire to be wanted and needed comes from.

Who’s standards or traditions are you trying to follow? It can be liberating to know that you can be imperfect if others judge the way you do things, what is that saying about them? Make your own traditions and new ways of doing things.

Your friends and family want to spend time with you, and they want you to be happy, relaxed, and free from worry over the holiday season.

Can you picture what a stress-free Christmas would look like? What if you did a little less? And allowed yourself more joy in your heart and less doing and more being.

🎁 Isn’t that what we really want for Christmas? 🎁