3 Steps to Clear your Clutter

Do you work in organised chaos? Does paper pile up on your desk? Perhaps your working spaces to the untrained naked eye look messy, yet you know precisely where everything is. Even if your office and desk are neat, can you say the same thing about your computer desktop filing, or does it take you a good 15 minutes to locate one file because it’s been labeled “Melanie’s stuff” instead of something logical?
Clutter leads to distraction which leads to a poor user experience of your own work life. Followers of Feng Shui and Marie Kondo have learnt that clutter disturbs the positive energy in your room or home. It complicates your life, disturbs the interior view of your home, steals precious time from you and your family and drains vital energy. No wonder it’s difficult to work in clutter.
Step One
Identify Clutter and Find a Home for Everything
Identify everything sitting in your work space that doesn’t need to be there. Move it, now, today, to your garage, or basement, or the dustbin. If you don’t need it for work, it does not live in your office.
Do you still have folders on your hard drive that you haven’t opened for a decade? Time to check them out and delete them. Or, at the very least, move them to an external hard-drive backup, so you can review later. Get them off your system!
One useful quick method to reclaim space on your hard-drive is to temporarily re-order all your files in order of file size, largest to smallest. Then you will almost certainly immediately spot some long unused downloaded video, audio or large documents that you’d forgotten were there, no longer need, yet are swallowing up gigabytes of your memory space. Ditch those first.
Step Two
Fall in Love with Automation and Outsourcing
You promised yourself a 15 minute break. Really, it was meant to be a screen-break. Yet here you are, 40 minutes later, lost deep in the bowels of your Instagram, your Facebook feeds, some quirky kid’s TikTok, or even perhaps still Pinterest.
Use a social media scheduler like HootSuite or Meet Edgar, which allow you to schedule social media posts in advance. This could also be an easy first task for a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant to take over.
Do you by any chance have older kids? How about initiating them into being your new Social Media Assistant?
If your email inbox has 100+ messages from people who all want answers NOW, you could hire a Virtual Assistant to manage that inbox, taking over that time consuming clutter, so you can focus on creating your passive income and working with your clients.
Step Three
Checklists for Repeat Business Tasks
Are you struggling to remember all the different fonts and colours you’ve used in formatting blog posts, organising your bits and bobs? You need a single document or notebook that you treat with care, that is your personal ‘comms styleguide’ and organising structure guide.
It could be as simple as a list of what the clever colour codes in your diary actually mean. It could be a cunning disguised method to remind yourself of your passwords. It could be a reminder about how you write for certain audiences – a kind of ‘code switching assistant’ – but the key is that you keep it all in one place.
Stick all your whole processes down in a file and keep them handy on your computer, or hand write it into a notebook. Hand it off to your VA or, at the very least, use the checklist yourself and save yourself from reinventing the wheel or forgetting a particular step of the process.
Your personal blueprint
If you need help getting your head clear, your life organised and some fresh eyes on your business, contact me today. Image