Women! Time to step up

Women have more issues and hold themselves back and have an ingrained need to be likeable. Why? Because society has for centuries been against us. We were often only seen as valuable in the context of a man: someone’s daughter or wife.

American women had to get permission from their husband, to open a bank account as recently as the 1960s, and it wasn’t until 1975 and the Sex Discrimination Act that British women could open a bank account in their own name.  And forget about getting a mortgage, ladies!

Our mothers and grandmothers had a LOT less freedom than us.

One of the most radical things I ever did was to get a mortgage as a single woman without any help from my family (or partner). I didn’t realise it but this was the best financial decision I would ever make.

What’s your next big leap?

Brave, independent women throughout history were seen as a threat, dangerous or worse.

So no wonder we get stuck, worrying if we are making the wrong decision, whether other people will LIKE us if we change or whether it’s just not worth it and it’s better to stay small and stay put and stay safe.

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